MY MYSTICAL JOURNEY My Mormonism stays sturdy as the pillars of my faith even though the roof has been blown blessedly off the structure to reveal a whole skyful of stars. Of course, it’s not an arrival but a journey, a constant invitation to abide in the place of no fear. What does a mystic life demand? Likely Coleridge’s “willing suspension of disbelief,” which is born in all children. A letting go to listen to the silence, to the spirit. With pioneers in my veins and my mother’s “Pray at night, plan in the morning” in my growing up, I would add: Pay attention, maybe to what Plato calls “the divine madness of the poet.” Or more likely, to what is available to anyone as a believer, though having faith, opening the crown, and expecting. For anyone there await informings constant and reasonable, guides to living to the full measure of any day’s potential.

Emma Lou Thayne