Over the past several decades, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as well as the Church itself have struggled with the complex dimensions of homosexuality. The evolving dialogue about the religious, moral, political, and social issues surrounding homosexuality has included many voices. In Quiet Desperation adds to the dialogue the voices of a parent of a gay Latter-day Saint who committed suicide and a young Latter-day Saint man who has chosen to live a life of faithful celibacy. As with others who have contributed to the dialogue about what it means to be homosexual in the Mormon Church and what the responsibility of heterosexuals is toward their gay and lesbian brothers and sisters, the authors of this book give us much to think about. The panel will examine the ideas put forth by the authors in the hope of expanding our understanding of this issue.

Robert A. Rees, Carol Lynn Pearson, Connell O’Donovon, David H. Bailey