Reading. Oki’s Island: A Hero’s Journey

Reading. Oki’s Island: A Hero’s Journey “Eternal progression” sounds self-explanatory, but for many Latter-day Saints, the search for truth is considered accomplished when the seeker becomes a Mormon, following baptism, all that remains is to endure to the end. Kenny Kemp’s newest book, Oki’s Island, challenges such easy salvation. The book elucidates the classic hero’s journey in a fascinating parable featuring a Polynesian fisherman lost at sea, threatening volcanoes, witch doctors, human sacrifices, dolphin guides, and ultimate transcendence. Ever had trouble explaining your own private journey beyond what’s spelled out in the Gospel Doctrine manual? This is the book to give the doubting Thomases in your life. In this session, Kenny Kemp will read excerpts from Oki’s Island, which New York Times best-selling author James Michael Pratt calls ““the most exhilarating quest adventure since Jonathan Livingston Seagull.”

Kenny Kemp