REFLECTIONS ON WAR: Competing Loyalties, Commands, and Impulses

War, perhaps more than any other circumstance, forces us as thoughtful persons to confront important philosophical, ethical, and religious questions. It demands that we recognize our moral outrage over unthinkable crimes and squarely face that part of ourselves that wants to lash out and punish evildoers. For others, the call of Christianity——that we love our neighbors as ourselves and even learn to love (not kill) our enemies——takes center stage in their reasoning. Many of us also have a strong desire to believe our government is acting upon good information and sound moral principles and hope to answer the call of “good citizenship ” (however ambiguous that may be). So how should we sort through these competing drives? Come hear how several of your neighbors are working through these questions. And please share your own experiences.

Jinelle Monk, Terry D. Kester, Nancy Kader, and J. Bonnie Ritchie