Relative Strangers: Blood, Adoption and Eternal Destiny

Relative Strangers: Blood, Adoption and Eternal Destiny Adoption is encouraged among Mormons as a preferred solution for unplanned pregnancy and the desire for eternal families among the infertile. But beyond the mechanics of legal adoption lies the genetic and biological connection between an adopted child and its birth parents. This panel will discuss the LDS Church and the current trend toward adoption reunions in which the adopted child and birth parents meet and begin a relationship. What connection or “birth bond” does the Church feel is appropriate? Is there believed to be any connection between adopted children and their birth parents through eternity? How have LDS Social Services policies evolved regarding personal information provided to birth and adoptive parents? The panel will also discuss myths relating to adoption and the Church.

Carolyn Campbell, Shari Thorkock, Jill Ekstrom, Darlene Dineen, Kellie Forbes, Shawna Bradley