Relief Society has the lofty mission of strengthening LDS women and serving people in need, in the spirit of the declaration, “Charity Never Faileth.” An inspiring vision, especially when illustrated by romantic paintings of pioneer women in beautiful antique dresses! But turning that vision into reality, here and now, can be frustrating. How do we make Relief Society work in the real world? How can we cultivate genuine sister-hood within our wards? How can we make visiting teaching more than a monthly obligation? How can we share others’ burdens when we feel that we are barely managing to juggle our own responsibilities? Join the discussion as panelists share positive experiences, theirs and of those of others, of trying to live out the ideals of Relief Society in practical, real-world ways.

Linda Hoffman Kimball, Becky Linford, Lael Littke, Suzann Werner, Natalie Palmer Sheppard