Scarlet Threads In The Lineage Of Jesus

Scarlet Threads In The Lineage Of Jesus In his list of who fathered whom in the lineage of forty-two generations from Abraham to Jesus, Matthew includes five women. This presentation focuses on four of them, Tamar, Rachab, Ruth, and Bathsheba, who, though chosen as members of the most royal of lineages, are largely ignored today, apparently not considered proper examples for LDS women and men to follow. What is it about these four that causes them to be ignored? What qualities did they have that may have led Matthew to include them? I suggest that their stories are more relevant to Latter-day Saints than the pristine caricatures of women that are often held up as models in today’s Mormonism.

H. Parker Blount, Ph.D., Presenter; Holly Welker, Ph.D., Respondent