Podcast: Sunstone Mormon History Podcast

There’s the Mormon history you do know … and the Mormon history you don’t. Join Lindsay Hansen Park (Year of Polygamy) and historian Bryan Buchanan as they dig into all aspects of Mormonism’s astonishing 200-year past—uncovering the little-known stories that chronicle how a six-person church grew into a multi-billion-dollar religion.

E94: Good Boy, Thomas Kane

He was a friend to Mormons, sure. But was he a Mormon? Who was Thomas Kane and why does he matter? Bryan and Lindsay dive into these important questions about a good, good boy in Mormon history, Brother, er, Mister Thomas Kane. Shownotes: Donate to Sunstone and the History Podcast (leave us a note in …

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E93: Wight out and Liquid Scripture

Finally, we’ve arrived at the story of Lyman Wight and his break-off group of Texas Mormons. Join Lindsay and Bryan as they explore the story of Brigham Young’s troublesome apostle, Elder “fistacuffs,” the Wild Ram himself, Brother Lyman Wight. Shownotes: Purchase the book: An Abundant Life: The Memoirs of Hugh B. Brown edited by Edwin B. Firmage …

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E91: A Diamond in the Bluff

Today we are talking about Council Bluffs and how Mormons ended up there. The episode with Lindsay and Bryan discusses the controversial land trade Mormons made with the federal government to be able to settle “Winter Quarters” and the tragic consequences of the deal. SHOWNOTES: A typewritten copy of a manuscript titled “Camp of the …

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E87: Sam Goes Brannanas

In the beginning, Sam Brannan might have been a loyal Mormon leader, but the glitter of gold and the allurements of the world are about to test his mettle. Join Lindsay and Bryan as they talk about the rise and fall of Brigham Young’s biggest colonizing competitor, Sam Brannan.

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E86: The Upper California

In this episode, Lindsay and Bryan discuss the Mormons’ first venture heading west: Samuel Brannan’s expedition to the so-called, “Upper California.” Special thanks to Matt Riley for the cameo on this episode. Music mentioned and used in this episode: Mormon Symphony & Mormon Youth Chorus – The Upper California

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