Sex: Eternal Blessing or Perpetual Problem?

Sex: Eternal Blessing or Perpetual Problem? Sex and sexuality are essential to the experience of what it is to be human. Religions profoundly affect the ways in which people view their sexuality and how they express it in their lives. Mormon theology has several fundamental teachings which promote a positive view of sexuality and sexual relations, but the Church also has practices and teachings which often have a negative influence on people’s sexual lives. Although Mormon theology teaches that sex is eternal and fundamentally good, Mormons experience all the sexual problems that humanity is heir to. This panel explores the ways in which LDS teachings and culture affect members’ sexuality, sexual beliefs, and behavior. It especially focuses on the question: ‘How can Mormons meet their sexual needs in positive, responsible, and ethical ways?” Sponsor: Mormon Women’s Forum

Louis A. Moench, Mary Beth Raynes, Vickie Stewart