SL09131 Panel. Is Priesthood Necessary for Women to Have Full Equality in the LDS Church?

The issue of women and priesthood inevitably emerges in discussions about women’s roles in Mormonism since the priesthood is the organizing principle for everything in the LDS Church from ordinances to missionary work. If women do not have access to priesthood, can they have full equality or fully utilize their gifts in the Church? We will have panelists who represent various positions: 1) women have priesthood and should be allowed to exercise it in the Church, 2) women’s priesthood functions on a private level, 3) women don’t need priesthood to fully use their spiritual gifts in the Church, 4) motherhood for women is the equivalent of priesthood for men

Janice Allred, Margaret M. Toscano, Sonja Farnsworth, Taryn Nelson Seawright