SL09363 The Treachery of the Heretic

Conflict within religions is often far more potentially damaging than disagreements between them. At the heart of intra-religious conflict is the feeling of betrayal. The heretic is a member of the family who has chosen to destroy the family from within. This treachery is personal. But it feels different for the heretic, who feels she is “believing more” than the group is and wants to elevate it to a higher vision than it has for itself. The first part of this session, presented in the voices of the “faithful” Mormon member and the “heretic” will unpack the complex, painful heart of this type of conflict. In the second part, experienced voice-dialogue facilitator John Kesler will lead session attendees in an experiential process that will take them deeply into the personal dynamics of heresy.

John Kesler, Charles Randall Paul, Dan Wotherspoon