SL10324: From “System of Beliefs” to “Way of Life”: Fifty Years of Transformation in Community of Christ

The Community of Christ struggled with issues of identity from the earliest years of the Reorganization. Although claiming succession from Joseph Smith, Jr. as the “only legitimate” priesthood and church organization, the early Reorganization based its mission on reclaiming “lost” members of the Church who had followed Brigham Young to the West. The identity of the denomination was based on “right belief this approach changed very little over the first century of the Reorganization (1850s to 1950s). I show why the Community of Christ no longer concerns itself with concepts of “only,” “legitimate,” or “true.” Seeing God’s power active in all places, with all people, at all times, the denomination now identifies with discipleship as a way of life modeled on the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. SL10324