Speaker: Brian C. Hales


Part I: Of Joseph Smith’s 34 plural wives, 13 had legal husbands at the time they were sealed to him. Since Fawn Brodie’s 1945 No Man Knows My History, virtually every author who has written about Nauvoo plural marriages has concluded that the prophet practiced sexual polyandry (or at least may have) with some or …

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Preview Of Coming Volumes In The Series Persistence Of Polygamy: Joseph Smith And The Origins Of Mormon Polygamy

This session focuses on forthcoming anthologies in the Persistence of Polygamy series, including eight essays examining Joseph Smith and the beginnings of Mormon polygamy up to 1844. The essays are original, never-before-published contributions by scholars with special expertise on the subject. Among the topics examined are polyandry, underage marriage, the question of Joseph Smith’s polygamous …

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Sexuality in Joseph Smith’s Plurality

Sexuality in Joseph Smith’s Plurality In an 1844 publication, Joseph H. Jackson, a non-LDS visitor to Nauvoo, wrote: ‘Joe Smith boasted to me that he … from the commencement of his career had seduced 400 women.’ If this is true, that would mean there would be 400 victims of Smith’s debauchery. Ironically, the historical record …

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