The model of faith development presented by James W. Fowler in his classic study, The Stages of Faith: The Psychology of Human Development and the Quest for Meaning, has helped many people from a wide variety of religious traditions better understand their own faith journey. It has been embraced especially by many who feel they have “lost” their faith or recognize that they are in some way transitioning into new ways of under-standing God and the universe or are struggling with changing relationships with their tradition’s sacred texts, teachings, and broader religious community. Panelists familiar with the work of Fowler and other stage theorists will discuss Mormon-specific applications of this approach to understanding faith, including the pros and cons of stage theory in general. In what ways is it helpful? Where does it fall short? How might its best insights be incorporated into LDS parlance to make Mormonism a more comfortable place for people at all stages of faith development?

This audio features a presenter who is in violation of our code of conduct. For more info on Tom Kimball and his history, click here for the January 14, 2023 statement.


Tom Kimball, Scot Denhalter, D. Jeff Burton, Dan Wotherspoon, Kenny Kemp