Sunstone is pleased to announce its first historical conference in Southern Utah, hosted by sister-towns Hildale, Utah and Colorado City, Arizona (also known as “Short Creek”).

Featuring some of the brightest minds in Mormon scholarship, this conference will explore the historical roots of Mormonism from an academic perspective. Presenters and attendees will come from many branches of Mormons, from the Salt Lake church to the AUB to the FLDS. 

The event will be held Thursday, April 20, 2017 from 1pm – 7pm in the Warren Jeffs home, now known as The Freedom Chateau, located at 960 W Field Ave. Hildale, UT 84784.

 Dinner will be served to those who have registered.

This event is held in conjunction with The Fern Foundation’s service project, which will held Friday and Saturday April 21-22 in the Short Creek area. Conference attendees are welcome to join. Find out more about TFF service projects here.

Thursday, April 20th
Noon Registration and socializing
12:30 pm Welcome and orientation: Terrill Musser and Lindsay Hansen Park
1:00 pm Craig Foster and Marianne T. Watson: “Mormon Fundamentalism: Foundations and First Families” 
2:00 pm  
 Stephanie Griswold: “Coming to the Crick: A Historian’s approach to religious and cultural history research”
3:00 pm Jordan Haug: Plural Marriage, or the Principle: A Cross-cultural Comparison of Polygamy
Moderated by: Stan Shepp
4:00 pm Anne Wilde: “Fundamentalist Mormons in the Twenty-First Century
Moderated by: Lindsay Hansen Park
5:00 pm

Panel: Our Church: The Beliefs and Culture of Different Mormon Groups

Benjamin Shaffer (Peterson Group), Gabriel Owen (Davis County Cooperative), Mary Ashton (Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ), Ruth Williams (Centennial Park)

Moderated by: Laura Fuller
6:00 pm Dinner provided by Sunstone
7:00 pm

Panel: Mormonism: Our Beginnings

H. Michael Marquardt: Early Life of Joseph Smith in New York

Devery Anderson: Development of Temple Worship

Clair Barrus: Early Mormonism, conflict, and the publication of the ‘rod of nature’ revelation

Moderated by: Lindsay Hansen Park