Sunstone Symposium Live Blogging

Did you get a chance to catch a session or two at Sunstone?

If not we are going to bring you some great pics and highlights form the SLC 2013 Symposium!


This whole symposium was made possible by Mary Ellen Robertson (Give her a standing ovation!):

Here are some great pics of Katrina Anderson who created Mormon Women Bare and gave Session 113: The Body Unveiled , a photo project featuring nude Mormon women in an effort to desexualize the human body.

Another amazing panel that caused a lot of buzz? Session 131: Ordain Women and the women from the Ordain Women Project:


Here are some great photos of Kristine Haglund and Greg Rockwell on the Oh Say What is Truth panel, Session 153:

Session 172: Limits of Agency with Margaret Toscano and Mary Ellen Robertson

Session 181: Craig R. Miller’s Social Dance in the Mormon West
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One of the biggest sessions with a packed house, Session 231: Why We Stay with Jana Riess and Kristine Haglund:

audience1 audience2 audience3janariess

Session 271 that brought the local news?  The Mormon Feminism Pants Panel with Stephanie Lauritzen and Nikki Hunter’s amazing “Pants Quilt.” She presented the quilt made out of pants from the “Wear Pants to Church Day” to the audience:

pants5 pants4 pants3 pants2


Other great sessions and general audience hang-out (which is the best part of Sunstone!):

pantsneylandpanelmaryellenkoffordjohnhamerhollyjaredjessicasteedfeminists exponenet laurierisa kristinehaglundlisabjessicastted1evatukderekbrandtmalone

doma2 doma  grerockwell hannahchelsea bushman brianwhitney  brandtlindsaymat brakerbros barkerbrosaudience


Claudia Bushman’s Panel on Mormon Women Have Their Say: Essays from the Claremont Oral History Collection :

maxinehankswomenspeakpanel2 womenspeakpanel womenspeak3

The Epic Roadshow (preparation and banquet):

roadshow12 roadshow11 roadshow10 roadshow9 roadshow8 roadshow7 roadshow6 roadshow5 roadshow4 roadshow2 roadshow1 roadsho3

Here is a sample of the roadshows at the banquet. Next year roadshows will continue but scripts will be vetted and trimmed down because the banquet was way too long!

Special thanks to Kaimi Wenger for the great photos and Brandt Malone for recording the roadshow sessions!