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September 18th - 19th, 2021

All times are in UK time

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Included in your Full Conference Registration ticket purchase:

  • Full access to the conference, with your choice of three concurrent sessions
  • Provided tea and snack breaks
  • Provided lunch
  • Amazing company and conversation

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Full, detailed schedule coming soon!

Friday, September 17th

This year, we have an incredible lineup of speakers!

Join us on Friday, September 18th at 6:00 PM UK TIME for our opening Keynote presentation from Natasha Helfer. Join in person on location in the UK, or join remotely through facebook live by joining our UK facebook group here.


Natasha Helfer Parker is an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, speaker, writer, podcaster and supervisor with 20 years of experience treating individuals, couples and family systems

Natasha Helfer will touch on the theme of Reconstructing Zion and then take audience questions. Leave your questions live, or email it before the session to to be asked live.

Saturday, September 18th

Then, on Saturday, September 18th, we're hosting in-person sessions all day! With three concurrent sessions, there's something for everyone at this year's UK conference!

Scroll to our "About the Presenters" Section below the schedule to learn more about all of our presenters!

8:15 AM: Doors and on-site registration opens

8:40 AM: Welcome and Orientation Presented by Andrew Bolton, Julian Heath, Laura Heath, and Mark Johnson

8:50 - 9:40 AM:

  • Speedy Stories: A hybrid of Speed dating and mini Mormon stories. A light-hearted ice-breaker designed to kick-off the weekend developing friendships from the start.

9:50 - 10:40 AM:

  • Teaching the Latter Say Saint Movement in the Religious Education Classroom Presented by Ryan Comins
  • Sunday Assembly’s ‘Life Fullness’ Project Presented by Julian Heath: Sunday Assembly is part of a global, secular community that celebrates life, and welcomes all who welcome all.
  • Games and Puzzles: Continue your conversation from the last block, or meet someone new in a low-key and easygoing environment with games and puzzles.

10:50 - 11:10 AM: Morning tea/coffee/juice break (included in your registration)

11:10 - 12:00PM:

  • Reconstructing a British Zion Presented by Andrew Bolton: Zion, a time, place, and condition of harmony, hope and ending poverty, was the dynamic purpose of early Latter Day Saintism. In early Victorian Britain the message of Zion found resonance among the rural and urban poor struggling with dispossession from common land, and appalling conditions in the industrial revolution. Thousands embraced the good news of Zion in these Isles. The idea of Zion in Britain is not new - it predates the Restoration. William Blake’s poem, Jerusalem, for example, not only speaks of Jerusalem replacing dark satanic mills but also draws on the legend that Jesus visited Britain with Joseph of Arimathea: Is it possible to envision a British form of Zion today amidst BREXIT, racism, and homophobia, Neoliberal economics and foodbanks, the pandemic and the National Health Service? What would the politics and culture of a British Zion look like? What would it look like if reconstructing a British Zion was Christ rather than Joseph centred?
  • Post-Mormon Parenting presented by Emma and Roy Hann (BBC will be Present and filming this session): Emma and Roy Hann are husband and wife and parents to 14 children. They were married and sealed in Frankfurt Temple and have lived in both Scotland and the U.S. Their ever-growing family has earned them the honour of celebrity status, with 3 documentaries and a nomination for best CBBC doc for ‘my life, my big family wedding’ which was filmed at church and at the temple. Over many years of church service, Emma and Roy have journeyed out of the church and will discuss the many things they have learnt along the way to tackle ‘post- Mormon parenting’
  • Mormon Escape Room A 15 Minute Escape Room with a very Mormon Twist

12:00 - 12:45 PM: Catered Lunch Included with your registration

12:45 - 14:00: Panel Discussion on the "British Mormon Moment" Presented by 21st Century Saints and Mark Johnson Hosts of 21st Century Saints podcast Jane Christie and Alana Wilson Bryce explore what it’s like to live Mormonism in the 21st Century.

14:10 - 15:00:

  • "Seek to Bring Forth and Establish the Cause of Zion" Presented by Richard Barrington: The title of this presentation was the early Latter Day Saints purpose.  Zion is the quest for authentic community with the presence of  Spirit and justice – that is  right relationships with one another.  How does dissent and common consent play out in our history in this quest for a beloved community with one another?  What can we learn from these stories for today’s churches?  This session will include exploring how Community of Christ’s recently identified core values or enduring principles help shape authentic community today.
  • Navigating New Communities Presented by Vicky and Bobby Smart: Vicky and Bobby enjoyed a lifetime of LDS membership until several years ago when Bobby admitted he could no longer be completely true to himself and continue in LDS membership. A rocky couple of years commenced where Bobby supported Vicky attending church but during this time she had some of her own realizations and discovered some of her own truths and decided she also needed to follow a more enriching path for her life and that of her children. They had their names removed from the LDS church records officially 3 yrs ago and are the happiest and most content they have ever been but the road to get there has been a spectrum of emotions and experiences.
  • Mindfulness Moments Games and puzzles available. But feel free to step away for a mindful moment with an engaging book, hand sewing project, instrument, coloring, or knitting

15:10 - 16:00:

  • Challenging from Within: Using the tools of the church to effect change Presented by Nemo the Mormon
  • How to Make Yourself Look better than it is -- Photography and Life Tips Presented by Barrie Robinson of #Mormonmad: Barrie's presentation, although related to MormonMad, is actually about how photography (creativity) helped him turn a midlife (faith) crisis into a midlife crescendo. If you’re into photography, this is for you. If you’re into being creative, this is for you. If you’re into enjoying life after being a TBM, this is for you. If you’re into listening to a short, fat Yorkshire man talking shit for a bit. This is definitely for you.
  • Holt & Heath ‘The whistling whittlers’ Presented by Julian and Richard Heath: Join brothers Julian and Richard Heath for chatting, carving, whittling and wittering!

16:00 - 16:15: Afternoon Tea/Coffee/Juice Break (Included in your registration)

16:15 - 17:15: AFTERNOON KEYNOTE

"Common Consent over Difficult Issues" LIVE STREAM Presented by Community of Christ President Stassi Cramm.
Stassi D. Cramm serves as a member of the First Presidency of Community of Christ and counselor to the president of the church. Stassi received a bachelor of science in general engineering from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, and a master of arts in organizational management from the University of Phoenix. She received a master of arts in religion from Graceland University and a PhD in organization and management from Capella University. Previous to full-time ministry for Community of Christ, Stassi was employed as a flight test engineer for the United States Air Force She also serves as the presiding bishop of the Presiding Bishopric, the highest financial council of the church.

17:15: Closing Comments and Evening Plans Presented by Priesthood Dispatches

17:30 - 19:00: Dinner Break. Attendees can eat at a number of venues around Knowle and Solihull. For those wishing to stay and chat, food can be purchased from the venue to be eaten altogether in our function room (dinner not included in the ticket)

Join us for a Sunstone dinner party. Kick back and enjoy your meal while Priesthood Dispatches woos us with funny Mormon tales!

Music, quizzes and a patriarchal blessing generator! Light entertainment will drift you into the evening. Think of it as a ‘spicy’ ward social . . . LOUD LAUGHTER is REQUIRED!!!!

Later: The night is your own! Attendees can remain at the venue or move on to Solihull town centre. ‘Turtle Bay’ Caribbean restaurant and bar is a great place to begin the nights entertainment. For anyone wishing to really burn the candle, ‘Popworld’ in Solihull will remain open till 4am. Use your night wisely and remember who you are! Literally!!! Because we want to see you back again on Sunday!!!

Sunday, September 19th

8:30: Doors Open and Welcome

8:50 - 9:40:

  • The Sunday School Lesson You Wished You Had Presented by Nemo the Mormon: This isn’t like any Sunday School you’ve ever been in. Truly open discussion for you to sink your teeth into, without the requirement to be loyal to any one camp or official position. Plus the topic has been chosen by you.
  • Jamming Session: If you can play an instrument, dance a jig, sing, whistle, play spoons, or tap your foot, come along and enjoy some music!

9:40 - 10:40:

  • The Loyal Opposition: The Gameplan to save the LDS church from its impending doom and reconstructing Zion Presented by Peter Bleakley: This is your orientation Briefing:
    1. Find out the current state of play at the battles front
    2. The many brilliant ideas in Mormonism that are worth fighting to defend and restore
    3. How exactly we could make the reconstruction happen in time before defeat becomes inevitable
  • Service Project: Letters to government for fair and ethical treatment of refugees What is your best support for Afghan Refugees who are arriving in the United Kingdom?  Is it clothes, money donation, your personal welcome, or writing a letter to your MP to ask for a fair deal for all Afghan refugees? 
    Actually writing to your MP in a non- party political way will at this point make the biggest difference.  You will be supplied with a sample letter, an envelope and a stamp with some background information.  You can add your own words.  We can also help you find the name of your MP

10:40 - 11:00: Morning Tea/Coffee/Juice Break (included in your registration)

11:00 - 12:00:

  • Yoga and Meditation Led by Vicky Smart: A 1-hour light yoga session that will focus on ‘listening to our inner selves’ with optional stretches but a main focus on being (selfishly) centred and aware of how

    things feel.

  • Joint LDS and CoC Ecumenical Service Join us for our restoration-wide ecumenical service. This will give us a chance to pause and reflect on the weekend where we have explored what it means to reconstruct Zion. We have talks and prayers from members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Lynn Bleakley, David Eaton and also Community of Christ, Karen Waring and Jewell Bolton.
    We will also take the opportunity to partake of the Sacrament/Communion. This will be led by Karen Waring, a member of the priesthood from Community of Christ.

    • Welcome: Karen Waring
    • Hymn - All are Welcome CCS 276
    • Invocation: Mark Johnson
    • Scripture: Last Supper Matthew 26:17-30 (NIV)
    • Hymn of Repentance - Humble Yourself CCS 211 Led by Karen Waring
    • Moment of Reflection
    • Sacrament
    • Testimony by David Eaton
    • Spiritual Practice - Breathing God's Compassion by Jewell Bolton
    • Hymn: Work on a Dream (Solo) by Paul Norton
    • Testimony by Lynn Bleakley
    • Presentation on Offering for Afghanistan by TBC
    • Closing Hymn: The Spirit of God
    • Benediction by Richard James

15:15 - 13:00: Britvengers Assemble and Closing remarks/Future Steps Presented by Peter Bleakley, Nemo the Mormon, 21st Century Saints, Community of Christ, Sunstone U.K., Priesthood Dispatches, and Affirmation: A summary of the weekend and visions for the future.

13:15: Sunday Carvery? There are several places to eat lunch in and around Knowle or a little further afield in Solihull if you prefer. The venue will also be available for food following the conference. For those wishing to carry on the chat, a number of places have been booked at the Toby Carvery, next door to the venue. Let us know if you would like to use these places and we can provide you with the booking reference (Meal not included in Sunstone ticket price)

15:00 For Those Not Ready to go Home: There are some beautiful canal walks not far from the venue where you can continue your chats with sunshine on your face and an ice-cream in your hand. (Sunshine and ice-cream not included in the ticket price)

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