SW07008: Secrets of Mary Magdalene

Secrets of Mary Magdalene A new book, Secrets of Mary Magdalene, will be discussed by contributing author Maxine Hanks and audience members following a screening (45 minutes) of a filmed panel discussion by seven of the book’s contributors: Elaine Pagels, Jane Schaberg, Susan Haskins, Dierdre Good, Diane Apostolos-Cappadona, Katherine Kurs, and Lisa Bellevie. The book includes thirty contributors who explore diverse and deeper meanings of the role played by Magdalene, the female disciple at the heart of Christianity’s emergence and its controversies. Included in the book is Hanks’s short essay, “Mormonism and Mary Magdalene,” which engages some of the complex issues that intersect in the figure of Magdalene within the Mormon tradition. Hanks will discuss her essay and approach to the Magdalene.