SW10015: The Liahona Children’s Foundation: Working to Alleviate Malnutrition in LDS Children in Developing Countries

Worldwide, an estimated 70,000 LDS children are chronically malnourished. Working in cooperation with local stake presidencies in developing countries, the Liahona Children’s Foundation is attempting to alleviate malnutrition and illiteracy among LDS children. Malnourished children suffer life-long cognitive and physical impairment and are much more likely to be dependent on both their government and the church. At present, Liahona has nutrition and education programs in seven stakes in Ecuador and Guatemala, with more to be added this summer. We invite Sunstone community members to join in this important humanitarian program and to learn about the programs we offer, including “adopt-a-stake” and “nutritours” programs which provide an opportunity for in-country humanitarian service.

Brad Walker