SW10018: Personal Iconography: Expressions of One Artist’s

A given supposition of logic and philosophy states that the intangible inner dialogue an individual engages in must needs find tangible expression—song, story, art, cooking, acts of service, play acting—in the material world if the inner dialogue is to advance the individual’s understanding of self in day-to-day living. Often people accomplish this by adopting or co-opting existing expressions, trying them on for size, and changing them as the prevailing fashions of thought and expression rotate. LDS doctrine emphasizes the development of individual efforts to seek a relationship with God and all things divine. As a result of the cultural strength of individual discipleship in the Mormon experience, standardized expressions may not satisfy. Sooner or later, all individuals must develop their own personal iconography for expressing their experience. This presentation and exhibit represents a few elements of inner dialogue that i have attempted to give expression in the form of visual art.

Magi Hernandez