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An Olive Leaf: “To recognize the genuine”

By Laurel Thatcher Ulrich Laurel Thatcher Ulrich is a Pulitzer Prize-winning historian, professor at Harvard University, and founding member of Exponent II. In 1986 she contributed her essay “Lusterware” to the Philip A. Barlow-edited collection, A Thoughtful Faith: Essays on Belief by Mormon Scholars (Canon Press), from which the following is excerpted. Lusterware, the metaphor …

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An Olive Leaf: Gently Down from Pedestals

20 September 2012 marked the loss of one of Mormonism’s most beloved professors and champions of LDS literature, Richard H. Cracroft. With both joy and sadness, we offer the following slice from his wonderful essay, “The Humor of Mormon Seriousness: A Celestial Balancing Act,” from the January 1985 Sunstone. MANY, . . . FROM BERT …

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An Olive Leaf: In Defense of “Passionate Engagement”

By Eugene England   In this electoral season that features a climate of highly polarized political discourse, it is refreshing to remember Eugene England, a life-long Republican, with his common-sense assessments about the importance of a strong two-party political system in which both sides welcome debate and are willing to compromise. Following is an excerpt …

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