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Impossible Hymn

The course of study for Relief Society and Priesthood for 2015 is the Teachings of Ezra Taft Benson.  Lesson 11 is titled “Follow the Living Prophet”.  This lesson has all ready generated some discussion as much of it is based on President Benson’s controversial talk given in 1980 at BYU “Fourteen Fundamentals in Following the …

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Brother Brigham’s Potty Mouth

CONTENT WARNING – PG-13 Material ahead – Slightly NSFWish I once saw a Facebook discussion where someone posted that they heard a comment in a Sacrament meeting that “You can never go wrong when you quote Brigham Young.”  This led to some discussion and joking about some of the questionable things that Brigham Young said about …

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“With Reverence and Care!”

Hugh W. Nibley, one of Mormonism’s most prominent social critics, was a wonderful model for how to walk the fine line of openly challenging attitudes and practices in LDS culture while still being influential among most segments of the community. He accomplished this through clear demonstrations of his own personal loyalty to the gospel and …

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