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SL09162 Is Heavenly Mother a Member of the Godhead? [Partial]

Feminist theologians have responded to the feminist challenge to an exclusively male God by exploring the feminine attributes of God, pointing out feminine metaphors describing God, and seeking to develop a more inclusive language to speak about God. The Mormon doctrine of divine embodiment requires that Mormon theologians go further. Our teaching that God the …

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Michael Servetus: Underappreciated Forerunner To The Restoration

Q.: Which religious reformer of the sixteenth century anticipated so many Latter-day-Saint doctrines that he may truly be termed a Mormon theologian avant la lettre? A.: Michael Servetus (Miguel Serveto), the learned Spaniard from Aragon burned alive by the Protestants in 1553. Latter-day-Saints honor Luther, Calvin, Wycliffe, and others as path-pavers for the Restoration, but …

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A Calvinist Compares Mormonism and Calvinism

There are both striking similarities and large-scale differences between the culture and beliefs of Calvinism, a form of Evangelicalism, and Mormonism, many of which have not been adequately explored. How do these traditions view the importance of covenant in the relationship between God and his people? The importance of family? Work and holiness in Christian …

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