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The Fellowship of the Saints

By Edward Hogan Edward Hogan is a retired mathematics professor. He now spends his time making furniture, gardening, and attempting to write a novel.     I am sitting in the family room watching television when my wife, Connie, comes in and shows me her thumb. It hurts, she says, and feels infected. “Should I …

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There Is U-235 in My Soul Today

By Karen Rosenbaum   In early 1951 the U.S. government began testing atomic bombs on Frenchman Flat, about 65 miles northwest of Las Vegas and about 90 miles northwest of the U.S. Bureau of Mines station in Boulder City, where we lived and where my metallurgist father researched uranium. This is why, very early one …

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Braving the Borderlands: Strange Tales from the Borderlands

By D. Jeff Burton D. Jeff Burton is an author and a former member of the Sunstone Board of Directors. In this column, I share some unusual—and sometimes troubling—experiences and observations from four Borderlanders. I’ve changed the names of the first three. To respond, please send an email to jeff@eburton.com. I will forward your messages …

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