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SL10175: Eternal Perdition? Bureaucratic Limbo? The Theological Ramifications of Excommunication

The Church Handbook of Instructions explains in detail the mechanics of excommunication but says little about its theological import. Our panelists, several of whom have been excommunicated, will explore the theological and spiritual ramifications of this ultimate Church sanction. Why does excommunication not require a ritual? If blessings are “restored” to an excommunicated person who …

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SL10261: More Precious Things: Evidence for Women’s Priesthood in the Earliest Christianity

Mormon feminists have centered their arguments for women’s priesthood on data from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, contending that the Church’s founding leaders granted women a form of priesthood that was subsequently choked out. Through an exploration of texts, inscriptions, and frescoes from the earliest Christianity, the author reaches back even farther into history …

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