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Is There Beauty in Your Bucket?

By Elouise Bell   THE IDEA OF composing a list of things you’d like to do before shuffling off this mortal coil (as Shakespeare put it) or “kicking the bucket” (as it’s better known in our more advanced civilization) is not new. But with the popularity of The Bucket List, starring those two grand old war-horses …

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Laughter: ‘Tis a Puzzlement

By Elouise Bell     Or, right-click here to download the audio file: Laughter: ‘Tis a Puzzlement     SO I’M ON this trolley in a large European city. Fairly crowded. Lots of teens, 14–16. Their laughter catches my attention. One student says a few words, then the whole cohort laughs vigorously and at length. …

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Does it Matter What We Are Called?

By Elouise Bell Scene: BYU. Time: A while back. A dozen English faculty are officed in cubicles off a central hallway. Sound carries with great clarity. A student is ending his conference with a professor. “Thank you very much, Sister Highstreet.” After his footsteps die away, the professor calls passionately to anyone within the sound …

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