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Unto Their Husbands: What does Mormon Liturgy and Doctrine say about Women’s Exaltation?

what if one surprisingly cohesive doctrine could explain the many examples of inequality Mormon feminists talk about? Presiding, overemphasis on motherhood, anti-gay policies, polygamy, women’s absence from leadership, hierarchical temple covenants, obsessive modesty rhetoric, etc.? what if that doctrine comes from Mormonism’s sacred liturgy and ritual and we have collectively avoided examining that doctrine closely? …

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SL10265: The Will to Power and Exaltation: An Exploration of Mormon and Nietzschean Conceptions of Power

In the modern world, humans are often conceived of as biological automatons, or in religious contexts as dependent, derivative, contingent beings utterly dependent on a necessary God. Both Nietzsche and Mormonism have strong replies to these limitations and exalt the potential for human growth. By comparing and contrasting Nietzsche’s concept of the will to power …

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