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The Faith Crisis: A Step in the Right Direction?

By Miguel Barker-Valdez Miguel Barker-Valdez is a proprietor of the Rational Faiths blog.     I have read online a number of people writing something to the effect of, “The Gospel Topics Essays are what led to my faith crisis.” What they had once seen as anti-Mormon literature is now being admitted as historical truth …

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Questing and Questioning

By Philip L. Barlow   I have before me a series of letters a private elementary school teacher reportedly assigned her students to address to God. The letters pose questions. They are often “cute”—after the order of Art Linkletter or Bill Cosby interviewing children on an old-fashioned television program. Here is one by a girl …

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Sharing Vulnerability after a Change in Beliefs

By Adam Fisher and Mary Fisher     Or, right-click here to download the audio file: Sharing Vulnerability after a Change in Belief   In this life the heart is going to be injured.1  Robert Hass   ROBERT FROST ONCE said that love is an “irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.”2 Psychologist Kent Hoffman added …

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