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Coming Out of the Closet to Your Spouse

By D. Jeff Burton D. Jeff Burton is the author of For Those Who Wonder and a former member of the Sunstone board of directors.   I exchanged thoughts and experiences with “James” (not his real name) who has a “closet doubter” story similar to many I’ve heard over the years. First, here are his …

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Still Finding Pieces

By Lia Hadley Lia Hadley lives with her husband in the Pacific Northwest where she writes and teaches, always finding new ways to recycle the past.     The other day, I was at the grocery store here in the Pacific Northwest with my husband. As we came out of the soup and pasta aisle, …

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Sharing Vulnerability after a Change in Beliefs

By Adam Fisher and Mary Fisher     Or, right-click here to download the audio file: Sharing Vulnerability after a Change in Belief   In this life the heart is going to be injured.1  Robert Hass   ROBERT FROST ONCE said that love is an “irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.”2 Psychologist Kent Hoffman added …

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