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DC09013: Panel: Mormons in International Relations

With its corps of missionaries and explosive growth overseas, the LDS Church is evolving from a US church to an international religion. Church members are often inclined toward careers in international relations. What are some issues that Mormons working in international relations should be prepared to address? What challenges might Mormons experience during a career …

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Advancing Feminist Sensibilities Among Mormon Men

Why aren’t there more visible and vocal male feminist voices within the Mormon community? The all-male panel will talk about their journeys toward becoming feminists, the challenges they face in maintaining feminist sensibilities in Mormon culture, and ideas they see for encouraging other Mormon men to take more active feminist stances. Michael J. Stevens, Paul …

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In a book just off the press, Armand Mauss traces the changing definitions and understandings of the term “Lamanite” across Mormon history and explains why such changes have occurred, not only with regard to Lamanites but also in reference to black Africans, Jews, Anglo-Ephraimites, and Israelites in general. These changes make for a fascinating study …

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