Tag: Issue 164

Indicates material published in issue 164 of Sunstone.

In Memoriam: Marion D. Hanks and Chieko N. Okazaki

Among the First by J. Frederick (Toby) Pingree J. Frederick (Toby) Pingree is a life-long disciple of Elder Hanks, and, under Hanks’ personal endorsement, has served as chair of the Sunstone Board of Directors.   Along with news of this beloved Church leader’s death came much well-deserved recognition of the extraordinary fullness of the life …

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The Culture of Violence in Joseph Smith’s Mormonism–Part III

Continued from Part II In May 1842, Joseph Smith reassembled a cadre of bodyguards, selecting primarily those with experience as Danites in Missouri. Former Danites such as Dimick B. Huntington, Daniel Carn, and Albert P. Rockwood began serving as Nauvoo’s “Night Watch.”[i]Previously a Danite captain, Rockwood had already been serving as “commander of my [Smith’s] …

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My Favorite Martian

The comically named History Channel, which specializes in sensationalistic programs on historical mysteries and conspiracy theories, recently offered a fresh take on the Angel Moroni: He may have been a space alien. For the kickoff of the second season of Ancient Aliens, which aired on 27 July (coinciding with the release of the movie Cowboys …

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