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Update: Issue 167

As Romney Clinches Nomination, Focus Moves Away from His Peculiar Faith   After a winter of discontent in which the media focused on the most controversial aspects of Mormonism and Romney’s unpopularity among Evangelicals, media coverage is now shifting the focus from Romney the Mormon to Romney the Candidate. Observers agree that Romney’s Mormonism actually …

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Braving the Borderlands: Conducting a Self-assessment

Know thyself.   —Greek Aphorism To thine own self be true, and [you cannot] be false to any man.   —Shakespeare At the 2010 Salt Lake Sunstone Symposium (Session 124, 5 August SL10124), John Dehlin and I hosted a spirited discussion with about a hundred attendees about their individual Borderlander experiences. We primed the discussion with …

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Roundtable: Pornography, Masturbation, Sex, and Marriage in Mormonism

By Stephanie Buehler, Natasha Parker, and John Dehlin The following is excerpted from the Mormon Stories podcast (episode 245), “Pornography, Masturbation, Sex and Marriage in Mormonism,” which was first released on 10 March 2011. To hear the full discussion (about twice the length presented here), visit http://mormonstories.org/?p=1506. This excerpt is printed with the permission of …

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