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SW10004: Judaic Primitivism: A New Model of Mormon Origins

Mormonism’s origins have been variously located in Christian primitivism, the bible, and esoterica. integrating these influences, Jan Shipps has proposed that Mormonism formed in successive layers: Christian primitivist, then Hebraic, and finally esoteric. Shipps’ model is informed, useful, and—I will argue—mistaken. Mormonism’s Judaic character is intrinsic, not acquired. The object of this paper is to …

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Mormons, Movies, And Romantic Eschatology

Drawing from insights in the Wizard of Oz, Groundhog Day, and other great movies, this presentation highlights differences between Mormon eschatology (the understanding of last things or the end and purpose of the world) and how LDS approaches to the relation of the divine and the human, atonement, and grace differ from those offered by …

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