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Just the Fiction, Ma’am

At first sight, Lisa Torcasso Downing does not appear to have magical powers. She cooks for her family, drives a minivan, and serves on her community’s theater board. However, put a piece of fiction in front of her and you will understand her true calling. Everyone has an opinion about fiction, a few have an …

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The Living and the Telling

By Lisa Torcasso Downing THE LATE EVENING SKY is black, overcast—the atmosphere dissected by a misty line of streetlamps. My window is rolled down, my hand raised to the night. Salt air blows through my fingers. “There it is,” he says, followed by, “Jesus.” I see the yellow light of the rental car’s blinker flash …

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The Saga of Beef Gone Bad

By Lisa Torcasso Downing Lisa Torcasso Downing resides and writes in Heath, Texas. She is fiction editor for both Sunstone and Irreantum. Her fiction has been featured in Dispensation: Latter-day Fiction and The Best of Mormonism 2009. She is presently working on a novel and a short story collection.   I cooked roast beef today, …

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