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Greenwashing In Zion

By Mark Thomas   Mark Thomas earned an MBA from Northwestern University, and works professionally in public finance. He is the author of Digging in Cummorah: Reclaiming Book of Mormon Narratives.       For the first time in history, a conviction has developed among those who can actually think a decade ahead that we …

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“Praise to the Man”

One of the highlights of the 2012 Sunstone Symposium was a unique performance of “Praise to the Man” as arranged by Kim McCall and performed by the Sunstone Ward Choir. Listen to it here: Praise to the Man

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The Last Palm Tree: Mormonism and Sustainability

By Mark Thomas   Soon after her second child was born, in 2005, journalist Florence Williams decided to have her breast milk chemically analyzed. To her surprise and consternation, she found that though she was eating a healthy diet, her milk contained trace amounts of pesticides, dioxin, and a jet-fuel ingredient, as well as high-to-average …

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