Tag: Mary Ellen Robertson

A Fond Farewell

EVERY SUMMER, MARY Ellen Robertson would start pushing the Salt Lake Symposium boulder up the mountain one more time, gathering volunteers and Sunstone staff together in the office for a week of intense nose-to-the-grindstone, pizza-fueled, caffeine-soaked program creation. First, there were the words. So. Many. Words. Gather a hundred Sunstone sessions together and you will find …

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In Memoriam: Marion D. Hanks and Chieko N. Okazaki

Among the First by J. Frederick (Toby) Pingree J. Frederick (Toby) Pingree is a life-long disciple of Elder Hanks, and, under Hanks’ personal endorsement, has served as chair of the Sunstone Board of Directors.   Along with news of this beloved Church leader’s death came much well-deserved recognition of the extraordinary fullness of the life …

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