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SL10375: No More Fellow Citizens but Still Strangers: Twenty Years of “Strangers in Paradox”: Explorations in Mormon Theology

Twenty years ago, Margaret and Paul Toscano published Strangers in Paradox: Explorations in Mormon Theology. Fascinated by the richness of Mormon texts and ritual, they had been working out a complex theology for twenty years and were eager to share their insights. The book immediately became a feminist sensation and an official scandal, resulting—at least …

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Is Progressive Political Activism Supported by Mormon Theology?

Is Progressive Political Activism Supported by Mormon Theology? Mormons for Equality and Social Justice (mesj) is a grassroots organization of Latter-day Saints that are working towards economic and social justice. A panel of mesj participants will speak about how LDS teachings or their experiences confronting the suffering of others have inspired them to become “anxiously …

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THE FUTURE OF MORMON THEOLOGY This panel will discuss the prospects for the future of Mormon theology. The panelists will give their answers to various questions: Is the pursuit of theology worthwhile? If so, then how is it best done? What is the relationship between the four standard works and doing theology? Can there be …

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