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‘Posterity’s Companions,’ ‘The Chains Of Events,’ And ‘Wild Horses’: Three Short Stories Created From Mormon Pioneer Diaries

For Mormons whose history troubles them, I have attempted to undermine any sense of discomfort about who they may once have been, and therefore are, in the creation of stories and characters from early LDS diary entries. Even in the darkest events, the Mountain Meadows Massacre, for example, Mormon ancestors can and do emerge for …

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We are non-Mormons who have observed that the LDS Church seems to be divided into essentially two camps, loyalists and dissidents, the blindly devoted and the brutally critical. Each seems to champion the Church’s well-being. But if the Church’s effectiveness in serving its members and the community declines, we think, ironically, it will because of …

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Set during the Reagan era at the height of the AIDS epidemic, Tony Kushner’s Angels in America incorporates Mormonism’s sacred history into a symbolic universe that includes angelic visitations, prophetic callings, and seer stones. Ten years after the play was first staged, a six-hour, 60 million HBO production with Al Pacino, Meryl Streep, and Emma …

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