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Cell Mates: Poetry

By Paul Swenson   Called to hold the keys of mysteries. Yet both, at 34, were locked away; Joseph jailed at Liberty, dropped through a hole   in prison floor into the pit. In Birmingham, Martin declared: Where there is injustice, I am there, and it would not be fair   of me to spurn …

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In Memoriam: Paul Swenson

By Stephen Carter   From Medicare’s point of view, Paul Swenson’s 100-day recovery from the life-threatening infection he contracted in August 2011 was probably money ill spent since he passed away only a few months after his release from care. But for me, it was a great time. I knew where Paul was living, and …

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Golden: Poetry

By Paul Swenson   Hey, Brother Golden, what’s it like over there? You ever share your coffee with the other cowboys ’round that celestial fire? Does it burn as fine and new as you hoped it would when you said you couldn’t wait ‘til you were dead to get the final clue— as to whether …

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