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The Dawning of a Brighter Day: An Analysis of MormonsandGays.org

By Robert A. Rees IT WOULD TAKE a calloused heart not to rejoice over the Church’s recent website, www.mormonsandgays.org. Jim Dabakis, head of Utah’s Democratic Party, was quoted in the Salt Lake Tribune as saying that producing the website “can’t have been easy” for the Church, but the messages by Church authorities (including those by …

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Hosannas at Glide Memorial Church

By Robert A. Rees There is no music like that music, no drama like the drama of the saints rejoicing, the sinners moaning, the tambourines racing, and all those voices coming together and crying holy unto the Lord.                   —James Baldwin On Palm Sunday there are two long lines at Glide Memorial United Methodist Church …

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Jon McNaughton: Mormon Artist, Right-Wing Propagandist

By Robert A. Rees   [The artist] will endeavor to awake subtler emotions, as yet unnamed. Living himself a complicated and comparatively subtle life, his work will give to those observers capable of feeling them lofty emotions beyond the reach of words.                                            —Wassily Kandinsky   Whenever we find in poetry that which gives us …

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