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The Tongue of Angels, Or the Mind of the Borg?

By Roger Terry Roger Terry is editorial director at BYU Studies and author of fiction and nonfiction books, short stories, serious articles, essays, and editorials. He blogs at mormonomics.blogspot.com.     Or download the audio file here: The Tongue of Angels or the Mind of the Borg?     On 30 May 1977, I was nearing …

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Productivity and the Mormon Busyness Ethic

By Roger Terry     Or right-click here to download the audio file: Productivity and the Mormon Busyness Ethic     Work is an important aspect of what it means to be Mormon. When we talk about the early Saints, we talk about how they wore out their lives helping to build the Kingdom. For …

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Scripture Notes: Unearthing Abinadi’s Genealogy

By Roger Terry Several years ago, I had a revelation. No, not that kind of revelation. I drink too much caffeine to merit one of those. Rather, I was reading the Book of Mormon when suddenly a light went on. I knew who Abinadi was. We know little about Abinadi except that he was apparently …

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