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Poured Out Like Water

By Charlotte Johnson Willian Charlotte Johnson Willian is a child/family advocate who resides in the southern hills of Indiana, where she is surrounded by the trees she loves. This essay received first place in the 2017 Eugene England Memorial Personal Essay Contest.         A drop of water, if it could write out …

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The Blood of Thy Son: Fiction

By Larry Menlove   I SAT IN an oaken pew, third row from the front, left side, with my mother, the two of us alone as the deacons passed the sacrament. The yeasty air of broken bread hung in the chapel like a veil, and when the tray came to me, I partook of the bread …

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The Earth as Sacrament

MORMONISM DOES NOT accept the common religious belief that the earth is either mundane or evil, or that the realm of the sacred is far from the material world. On the contrary, Mormonism is a richly material religion investing a broad set of earthly objects with sacramental purpose. A sacrament presents us with an object …

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