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Leave the Leaves

By Emily W. Jensen   I’m eight—singing loud and proud in our Primary program practice. I can see the Primary leaders pointing at me. They must love it! I sing louder. Finally one of them sidles up to me and whispers, “You need to cross your legs, dear. Everyone down here can see your underwear.” …

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Update: Issue 171

New Wave of LDS Feminists Speak Up, Ask for the Priesthood With a number of online petitions, a Salt Lake City gathering, and the launching of websites and social networks, a new wave of LDS feminists are raising awareness about women’s issues on a scale unprecedented since the 1970’s. The Ordain Women movement was launched …

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Sexuality in Joseph Smith’s Plurality

Sexuality in Joseph Smith’s Plurality In an 1844 publication, Joseph H. Jackson, a non-LDS visitor to Nauvoo, wrote: ‘Joe Smith boasted to me that he … from the commencement of his career had seduced 400 women.’ If this is true, that would mean there would be 400 victims of Smith’s debauchery. Ironically, the historical record …

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