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The Mahan Report: Introduction

By Ron Madson and Joshua Madson WE ALL HEAR voices. The question is: which voices do we listen to and which do we ignore? And more importantly, which voices are so embedded in our “deep heart’s core” that they unconsciously shape our thoughts, words, and actions?   “For more are the children of the desolate …

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SL10356: On Social Justice and Mormonism

From the perspective of philosopher John Rawls, themes of social justice can be found in Mormon thought and culture. Yet, many tensions remain and likely will not be resolved. This presentation will look at these common themes and tensions from the perspective of an LDS scholar who is also an advocate of liberal social justice. …

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Is Progressive Political Activism Supported by Mormon Theology?

Is Progressive Political Activism Supported by Mormon Theology? Mormons for Equality and Social Justice (mesj) is a grassroots organization of Latter-day Saints that are working towards economic and social justice. A panel of mesj participants will speak about how LDS teachings or their experiences confronting the suffering of others have inspired them to become “anxiously …

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