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The Bigamist

By Eric Freeze Eric Freeze is author of the short story collection Dominant Traits (2012) and a collection of creative nonfiction Hemingway on a Bike (2014). He has published stories, essays, and translations in numerous periodicals. He teaches creative writing at Wabash College and lives in Crawfordsville, Indiana and Nice, France.     Sandra had …

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Why Ritual “Makes Sense”

By Dan Wotherspoon Dan Wotherspoon is the host of the Mormon Matters podcast and former editor of Sunstone. He has a Ph.D. in religion from Claremont Graduate University.     Or download the audio here: Why Ritual “Makes Sense”     At first blush, the word “ritual” doesn’t usually conjure much excitement. We often connect …

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Blood and Horror on this Earth

By Gina Colvin   (An earlier version of this article was posted 9 September 2013 at Patheos.) THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of Mormons all over the world attend temple services on a daily basis, all of them watching a metaphorical reenactment of the creation story. Included in this drama is an exchange between God and Satan. …

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