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Eric Samuelsen Plays

  Accommodations Borderlands Family Gadianton (For some reason, there’s an article appended to the beginning of this document. The article is pretty interesting, but Eric’s play starts a few pages down.) Peculiarities: NCMO Peculiarities: Pizza and a Movie Peculiarities: Temps Peculiarities: Tahoe Film Version of Peculiarities The Plan   “3” can be read in this …

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Adam and Steve and the Empty Sea: A Play

By Matthew Greene Adam & Steve and the Empty Sea by Matthew Greene received its world premiere at Plan-B Theatre Company (Salt Lake City, Utah) 31 January–10 February, 2013, directed by Jason Bowcutt, starring Logan Tarantino as Steve and Topher Rasmussen as Adam.   AUTHOR’S NOTE   The aphorism goes that you should “write what …

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