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In the Presence of the Lord

By Kenny Kemp Kenny Kemp is an attorney and author whose latest book, Flying with the Flak Pak, tracks his father’s adventures as a bomber pilot in WWII. He can be reached via his website at: www.kennykemp.com.       I have finally found a way to live Just like I never could before. I …

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The Tongue of Angels, Or the Mind of the Borg?

By Roger Terry Roger Terry is editorial director at BYU Studies and author of fiction and nonfiction books, short stories, serious articles, essays, and editorials. He blogs at mormonomics.blogspot.com.     Or download the audio file here: The Tongue of Angels or the Mind of the Borg?     On 30 May 1977, I was nearing …

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The Persistent Impermanence of Memory

By Scot Denhalter Sculptures by Lia Hadley   The traditional model for human memory pictured the mind as something like a filing cabinet or an internal disk drive. To remember was akin to retrieving a stored file, a record of a past experience. To forget was merely to misplace a file or find its code …

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