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The Family Forum: Sanctuary Trauma

  By Michael Farnworth This is the first of a series of columns dedicated to understanding and improving the dynamics of Mormon families. My premise is that we suffer from an exaggerated case of lip service and don’t actually afford the family as much devotion as we claim. Sure, in our church meetings, we talk …

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The Family Forum: Passing on the Shame

By Michael Farnworth We can be active in the Church, attend the temple, pay our tithing, read the scriptures, have Family Home Evening, pray, and teach our children the doctrines of the Kingdom but, without knowing it, we can still be mean-spirited, petty, manipulative, demeaning, and hostile when disciplining our children. Take me for example: …

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The Family Forum: “The Kid”: An Awakening Metaphor

By Michael Farnworth Michael Farnworth, Ed.D., retired from Ricks College after 31 years of teaching family psychology. He is married to Cindi Halliday and is father to Brad, Camie, and Jeff, along with their spouses Melinda, Nate, and Lindsay. He is grandpa to Joel.  Contact him at: farnworthm@yahoo.com.   Our behavior as sons and daughters, …

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