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Update: Issue 167

As Romney Clinches Nomination, Focus Moves Away from His Peculiar Faith   After a winter of discontent in which the media focused on the most controversial aspects of Mormonism and Romney’s unpopularity among Evangelicals, media coverage is now shifting the focus from Romney the Mormon to Romney the Candidate. Observers agree that Romney’s Mormonism actually …

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Update: Issue 165

“I’m a Mormon” Campaign Features Minorities, Gays, Rockers Say goodbye to Donny and Marie; say hello to Brandon, Valentin, and David, some of the new public faces of Mormonism. The “I’m a Mormon” TV and web campaign, running since August 2010, now includes a world-renowned rocker, a rainbow of racial minorities, and—in an unprecedented move—at …

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Update: Issue 161

Hey, Dude, I’m a Mormon A professional surfer happily guides her board over Pacific waves. A couple handles important affairs at the Washington D.C.-based companies they work for. A young man describes his love for professional skateboarding and tries fancy tricks on his board. These are three of the slick, urban, fast-paced stories included in …

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