The Best Idea in Mormonism

Thought experiment: Imagine Mormonism without any concern for the concept of being “the one and only true church,” without any worries about how this or that doctrine might “play” in the mission field or among those with whom the Church is forging coalitions to cooperate on moral issues. That imaginary position is the starting point for this session, in which panelists will give very brief overviews of what they believe is the best idea in Mormonism; the idea or practice that is uniquely Mormon or which Mormonism emphasizes differently than do other religious traditions; the idea they find the most interesting, clarifying, empowering, or inspiring, and one they hope will never be abandoned as Mormonism continues to evolve. We’re planning about half the time period to hear your “Best Idea in Mormonism” thoughts! Come prepared to share your favorite LDS notion or practice!